Maitejosune Urrechaga (vocals, bass,cello)

Tony Kapel (drums, synths, electronics)  

Pocket of Lollipops has gained notoriety--as well as a significant following--as a multi-faceted, boundary-pushing sound project.  The band incorporates noise, punk, garage, spoken-word, improvisational, electronic and alternative genres. Their organic textures pay homage to future galaxies of possibility. They exist as a driving force of conceptual subculture, obliterating formula and the confines of traditional music production.

The Pocket of Lollipops fabric exists as a multi-disciplinary vehicle. Their communication manifests through sound waves, DIY projection and video, hand-painted vinyl, homemade buttons and clothing, props, sets, poetry, and interactive creative processes.  They  bring their unique auditory planet across the nation and overseas.

The notion of dropping acid and smoking opium while having the world’s strangest dream is the best way to describe Pocket of Lollipops.

- Robert Nevel, Tropicult

The musicians appeared to play intuitively, with distinctive personalities that nonetheless drew from a single source. The music can make the listener feel as if he also were floating. The musical performers create a theatrical setting of continuous interconnected changeovers to accommodate the sounds. In conclusion the audience is treated to Lollipops an invention that is something of a mystery that dates back to the middle ages.

- Colleen Dougher, SunSentinel


Collect all your Pocket Lint for a year sculpt into a magic wand, wave it over your neighbors dog. Wait three minutes, then repeat, if we are not there you sent us into an alternative plane.

email us: pocketoflollipops@gmail.com

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