Couples who play together, stay together

Listen to the Pocket of Lollipops' Newest Single, “Cake Type Sounds”-MIami New Times


Square Pig in a Round hole, Seattle

Kismet Vintage Turns 7 with Burger Records Revolution Worldwide

Fvck the Media: Women in Miami Music & Art

Golden Boy Press

The Heat Lightning, Interactive Gator Puzzle

Local husband-wife punk outfit host at,  Meet Miami’s Pocket of Lollipops-Miami Herald

Sketchy Miami Lollipop Drawing

Pocket of Lollipops' Maitejosune Urrechaga: "I Always Had a Riot Grrrl Mentality"-Broward New Times

Pocket of Lollipops Goes Mailboxing in "Cute Chaos" Video

Beached Miami- Top 50 Songs # 5

At Green Room-South Florida

Sun-Sentinel Best of from Pocket of Lollipops

Float On- Miami Painter Puts Down The Brush And Picks Up The Bass - Sunsentinel

I never thought we needed another husband and wife duo until- BOCA Mag

Sonic Purrrs- Liz Tracy

Miami New Times' Artopia Party

MCOP1 Video Release - inspired by cult, noir, German expressionism, and cheesy gore films

Money  Jungle Safari-Interview with Maitejosune Urrechaga, from Pocket of Lollipops

Behind the Music: Pocket of Lollipops

Houndstooth Cottage Purehoney

Nevermind Miami-Beached Miami

Debauch 2015-Uncovering Pop Cultures Hidden Gems, Tuffgnarl

5,4,3,2 fun Radio Pod Cast- California

Studio Sessions offers rare look into local music scene

This rabbit hole came with a rockin' yet eclectically unusual sound. -SouthSide On The Town, Chicago

Pocket of Lollipops is a kind of neo no-wave duo, Sacramento News Review

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